IPOGO typically charges sellers a 5% fee when the transaction closes. Fees may be reduced for larger sales. The Placement Fee is paid to IPOGO Securities LLC (“IPOGO Securities”), our SEC-registered affiliated broker-dealer and member of FINRA.

Where possible, your Placement Fee will be netted from the purchase price for your shares, which is held in an escrow account. This means that at closing, you will receive the purchase price for your shares less any Placement Fee that is due. The Placement Fee will be held in the escrow account, pending closing and satisfaction of other applicable contingencies. The Placement Fee will then be released from escrow to IPOGO Securities.

Where netting of your Placement Fee is not practically feasible, your Placement Fee is required to be paid immediately upon closing of the sale of your shares. The precise mechanics will be disclosed further in the Placement Agreement you sign in connection with the sale of your shares.

Please consult our deal team if you have any questions on whether your fee will or will not be netted from your sale proceeds.

Please note that there may be additional costs associated with completing a sale that are not imposed by or paid to IPOGO. Your company may require a legal opinion in connection with a sale, which typically costs $1000-$1500. We can refer you to an attorney who issues these opinions if you need. Your company may also charge you a transfer fee to cover their costs associated with a sale, which typically ranges between $1000-$3000.